Online agenda, opensource & distributed

Liberty has no price, neither do private life.

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Meetings in 1 click!

  • Full Agenda

    Views by month, week, worked days or in meeting mode.
  • Recurring events

    your recurrent availabilities are auto-generated.
  • Cancelations

    Manage your cancelations strategies.
  • Public profiles can be customized

    Control which informations you display.


  • Total control of datas

    Each profesionnal can host its own server.
  • Federation / Distribution

    Your professional profiles can be distributed among other servers.
    You can also display other instances on yours.
  • Secured and respectful of private life

    Security by design, cyphered datas.
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Open source !

Code is available on Github

Open source is the way to go when you really want to ensure freedom to your users.

This is also a guarantee for privacy and security.
Open-source let everyone what's inside the box.
It also prevent a bug from being only noticed by attackers.
It helps fixing faster